Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Afghanistan Adventure Will End

The United States and its allies have been attempting to impose a political and military result on the people and nation of Afghanistan since 2002. Whatever the merits of the original attack and invasion in 2002, the United States and allies should make a fresh judgment and decision about continuing to occupy the sovereign nation of Afghanistan in 2009. It is time for the Great Game to end. The armies of Britain fought 3 wars of intervention in Afghanistan in 1838, 1878, and  1919. This last invasion in 1919 was the first use of aerial bombardment on the Afghan people. Now Britain is participating in a fourth invasion of Afghanistan20with the help and leadership of the US military.

While the present goals of the US and allies are similar to past geo-strategic reasons for seeking power in Afghanistan, the result will probably be very negative for the US. The US is presently engaged in some of the biggest challenges to its status and respect. Considering the issues of banking and investment failures, loss of manufacturing, the lack of health care coverage for Americans, the incredible debt load carried by the US government, the continuing scandal of US sponsored torture, the lack of adequate care for returning military veterans, the unacceptable treatment of female members of the US armed forces, and no path to make political allies of the Afghan people, the billion dollars spent each couple of days in the Afghan adventure all point to a need to leave Afghanistan now.

Some people would say conditions are too fearful to make a decision requiring change. For example, some liberals and progressives would say that protests calling for withdrawing from Afghanistan might weaken the Obama administration. They might feel that we should wait and lie low until there is a better time to protest in a way that would not disturb the agenda of the Obama administration of making changes from the previous administration. But actually it is always the right time to speak for truth. We should not be ruled by our fears. Everyone who wants a better country and better world should seize their courage and strength of conviction to act now! The way that the Obama administration might fulfill its promise and be the best it can be is by citizens acting strongly for peace and pushing the administration and country to realize the need for an end to this occupation.

What the future holds is an end to US occupation in Afghanistan. US troops will leave Afghanistan, either this year or sometime in the next 20 years. The only uncertainty is how many people have to die and suffer before that date certain arrives.