Friday, April 24, 2009


Twitter Argument

Everyone should start and use a twitter account or facebook or some other social software

A. How many of you can actually remember the days when you had to communicate via the phone or through letters, when you had to actually write checks and present them to humans to get cash, or had to go to the library to do literally all of your research?

B. Most of us can't imagine life without email, ATM machines, or the Internet because we rely on these things everyday to make our lives easier.

C. Besides being an avid user of each of these technologies, I have done research on the pros and cons of social software.

D. Today I'm here to convince you that social software is just as useful as face-to-face communication, and in some ways may even be better.

E. First I want to talk about the ways that social software can help build strong interpersonal relationships. Next, I'll address how social software will positively affect the work place, and finally, I'll discuss how social software will make intergroup relationships in large-scale organizations better as well.

Let's begin by talking about the way that the most common forms of social software
can help build strong interpersonal relationships.

II. Main Point #1 A. Strong interpersonal relationships: Some people argue that email isn't a good form of interpersonal communication because we don't see people's non-verbal cues, because the feedback isn't instant, or because we may be less of an individual when typing. 1. We are beginning to find ways to add expressiveness a. punctuation b. writing non-verbal expressions

2. We have unlimited interaction over the computer vs. limited interaction using the phone or face-to-face communication a. we are driven as humans to communicate b. it may take longer with computers, but we will still learn as much about others

3. With the Internet, it is much easier to find many friends with the same interests a. web sites b. chat rooms

Transition: Besides a great way to meet and visit with people interpersonally, social software will bring positive changes in the workplace.

III. Main Point #2 A. Workplace 1. We will be more portable 2. We'll need less hierarchy a. one person can communicate to many b. communication flow will follow work flow 3. More contact among ranks

4. More efficient use of expertise

Transition: social software won't positively affect the way that we do business, it will help us communicate interpersonally with our co-workers.

IV. Main Point #3 A. Interpersonal relationships in the workplace 1. Informality will increase

2. More people will be involved in decision making

Transition: Let's go back over what we've learned today.

IV. Conclusion A. Restate thesis: Today I've explained to you why social software will positively affect our lives.

B. Restate main points: First we talked about how social software will help us build strong relationships, then we talked about how ocial software will make the workplace better, and finally, we discussed how social software can make the workplace a better place.

C. Call-to-Action: I encourage you to learn all that you can about social software not only because it is the wave of the future, but also because social software will soon be an inevitable part of our lives.

D. Clincher: And remember, it's time to get on the information highway, before you get run over.

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